When times are tough

Published March 17, 2015 by Simon Ripley in Uncategorized

Over the last two years I have had a pretty tough time (but in no way compared to the suffering of others). Throughout my trials I have always believed in the Lord and his mission for me.

We all experience hard times and a few years ago a friend of mine gave me a book that highlighted to me the importance of the Lord during hard times as well as during easier times.

2 Pork Chops by John Masters is they book you need to read when times are tough and now it is time for me to pass this brilliant little gem on to someone else.

If you would like me to pass this book to you please email me at sir101@hotmail.co.uk We may need to adopt an ‘out-of-the-hat’ approach to names if people are interested but the only condition on receiving this book is that you pass it on to someone else in need one day!

The Lord loves us all no matter what life throws at us

Best wishes



2 Responses to “When times are tough”

  1. john Masters
    July 1, 2015

    Just came across your comments on stjames site. God bless you my friend.

  2. Jon
    August 18, 2015

    Would love to read the book, thanks for sharing this Simon.


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