This Week





Monday         19 February                                                            

10am              Community breakfast club, St James & St Bede.

7pm                Monday Club, St James & St Bede.


Tuesday        20 February                        

9.30-11.30am  Baby and toddler group, St James & St Bede

1-3pm            Knit and Natter, St Edmund’s

3-9pm            War Gamers, St Edmund’s

7-8.30pm       Insanity Live, St James & St Bede


Wednesday  21 February                                    

10-1pm          Eritrean Christian Prayer Group, St James & St Bede

6.30pm          Art Group, St James & St Bede


Thursday      22 February            

10-12 noon   Machine Knitters, St Edmund’s

1-4pm            The Deaf Club, St Edmund’s

7-8.30pm       Insanity Live, St James & St Bede


Friday            23 February                        

9.30-11.30am   Baby and toddler group, St James & St Bede

12 noon         Holy Communion (BCP) followed by Lent Lunch,

St James & St Bede.

President: Revd. Canon Dorothy Snowball


Saturday       24 February                                                

12.30-4pm    Gateshead Jazz Band, St James & St Bede


Sunday          25 February                        

2-5pm            Eritrean Christian Prayer Group, St James & St Bede

2-8pm            War Gamers, St Edmund’s




Readings for the week:      Psalm 77        Romans 10.8b-13


Monday                     Psalm 11                   Galatians 3.23-4.7

Ask God’s blessings on all who meet each week at the Monday Club.


Tuesday                    Psalm 44                   Galatians 4.8-20

More than 40 million people worldwide are ‘internally displaced’.  This means they are forced from their homes but remain in their own country.  Pray for all displaced people.


Wednesday              Psalm 6                     Galatians 4.21-5.1

From the church family we pray for George Hall, Jean Hall, Sheila Hall and Albert Hanley.


Thursday                   Psalm 42                   Galatians 5.2-15

On World Thinking Day give thanks for the 10 million Girl Guides, Girl Scouts and their leaders.


Friday                         Psalm 22                   Galatians 5.16-end

Give thanks for those who prepare the Lent lunches each week.


Saturday                    Psalm 63                   Galatians 6

Give thanks for the ministry of Ven. Stuart Bain as Archdeacon of Sunderland before he moves to become Provost of Sunderland Minster.